Name: Holograms
Price: 1.50 USD

An-ingame hologram that you can edit to your liking, must follow server rules and will be limited to 24 characters per line (not including color codes / formatting).

Default starting size is 2 lines, you select up to 8 lines in the next step (after adding to cart).

After the purchase, you will receive a Hologram Token with your name on it, meaning it is only redeemable by you. To redeem your purchase, contact an Admin+ to have your desired hologram placed. It might take some time since staff aren't always online. 

You can choose where you want it as long as you own the area and it's not bothering someone else.

It is extremely helpful if you prepare the message you wish for your hologram (written out with color codes and formatting included) and have that sent to the Overseer+. This is to assist in speeding along the hologram creation process. 

Be aware, large numbers of holograms in a single area can cause decreased FPS!

You can also use these variables:

Each player sees their name.
Each player sees their display name (their nickname)
Online players.
Max online players.
{world: worldName}
Players online in a specific world (e.g.: {online: world_nether} ).
Displays the real world's time.