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Name: Diamond Rank | Lifetime
Price: 59.99 41.99 USD

This package will grant you the Diamond rank


  • Diamond in front of your name, over your head and in the tab.
  • Diamond title on our Discord server  http://discord.sorchmc.net
  • Diamond title on our Forums https://sorchmc.net
  • This is a lifetime rank, which means that you will keep it forever.
  • Doesn't have to wait 3 seconds between each message.
  • Access all our VIP rooms and channels both in-game and on discord.

Towny Server Commands & Perks:

  • Have up to 2items in the auction house.
  • Access to white chatcolor in the color menu.
  • Set up to 10 homes with /sethome
  • Receive 10% more extra McMMO XP.
  • Ability to write colored signs.
  • Access to all the regular particle and rain effects /trails.
  • Make any item in your hand become your hat with /hat.
  • Send a teleport request for someone to tp to you /tpahere.
  • Disable / Enable teleport requests with /tptoggle.
  • Change your nickname with /nick.
  • Open a trash can to get rid of your unwanted items /trash.
  • Open a virtual workbench with /craft.
  • Check all recipes for all items with /recipe.
  • Change your own personal time with /ptime.
  • Keep all your XP On Death.
  • Change your nick colors with /nick.
  • Remove enchantments from items and turn it to books /disenchant.
  • Ability to feed yourself every minute with /feed.
  • Access to send a message via /me.
  • Change your own weather with /pweather.
  • Auto sort your chests with /chestsort.
  • Check your coords with /coords.
  • 2 playervaults with 6 rows (6x9) /pv 1-2.
  • Able to check players in the location /near.
  • Glow up to stand out from other players /glow.
  • Type [item] in the main chat to show off item.
  • Ability to set up to 4 player warp /pw.
  • Ability to use /fly everywhere.
  • Receives 4 Uncommon crate keys upon purchase.
  • Receives $20,000 upon purchase.
  • Access to these pets: Doge, Doctor, Farmer, Clownfish, Mine, Soldier, Witch, Skeleton, Farmer, Clownfish and Pug
  • Ability to use/fix hand

KitPvP Server Commands & Perks:

  • Open a trash can to get rid of your unwanted items /trash. 
  • Check other players exp with /exp.
  • Ability to use /fix hand every 12 hours.
  • Ability to use /feed every 5 minutes.
  • White chatcolor in the main chat instead of gray.
  • Type [item] in the main chat to show off item.
  • 2 playervaults with 3 rows (3x9) /pv 1-2.
  • Have up to 6 items in the auction house.
  • Rename items using /rename.
  • Withdraw XP to bottles /xpbottle.
  • Access to /kit diamond once everyday. (Can preview in /warp Shop)