You will be able to name your pet, disguise into the pet, ride the pet and wear it as a hat.

All pet commands can be viewed in-game by using /pet help. 

NB: The ride animation for some pets is a bit weird, this is due to limitations with the game.

Click each Pet Package to see an image of how they look in-game!

Baby Yoda Pet 12.99 USD
Mini You Pet 12.99 USD
Tiger Pet 11.99 USD
Snake Pet 11.99 USD
Skeleton Pet 11.99 USD
Hippo Pet 11.99 USD
Superman Pet 11.99 USD
Soldier Pet 9.99 USD
Farmer Pet 9.99 USD
Witch Pet 9.99 USD
Doctor Pet 9.99 USD
Miner Pet 9.99 USD
Clownfish Pet 6.99 USD
Doge Pet 6.99 USD
Cod Pet 6.99 USD
Dove Pet 6.99 USD
Frog Pet 6.99 USD
Koala Pet 6.99 USD
Panda Pet 6.99 USD
Pug Pet 6.99 USD
Chicken Pet 6.99 USD
Turtle Pet 6.99 USD
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